INCI: Persea gratissima

Origin: Kenya

Smell: characteristic

Color: green

Natural Oil

Where does that stuff come from?

  • The avocado is a species of the laurel family.
  • From a botanical point of view, the fruit is a berry
  • The tree has its origin in the warm, humid tropical rainforest of Mexico and Central America.
  • The fruit has been used there for around 10,000 years.
  • Today it is grown in over 400 cultivars worldwide.
  • The oil is obtained by cold pressing the pulp.

What can this stuff do?

  • Great moisturizer for body, face and hands; very suitable for mature skin.
  • Avocado oil is an all-rounder and can be used in skin and hair care, for massages and in aromatherapy.
  • It can be used alone or combined with other natural ingredients to make your own beauty products.
  • The oil is a native oil, so it is unrefined and retains most of the fruit’s wonderful nutrients.
  • The oil can often appear cloudy and also solidify at low temperatures.
  • You can take care of your skin with this rich oil that is packed with essential fatty acids such as oleic acid (omega-9), palmitic acid and linoleic acid.
  • Avocado oil is rich in vitamins and minerals, making it a wonderful choice for mature skin.
  • The oil is suitable for all skin types and is absorbed into the skin at a medium to slow speed, making it ideal for use as an overnight oil.
  • Avocado oil is a valuable and well-tolerated care oil, also for damaged and sensitive skin
  • Its moisturizing properties make our avocado oil an excellent hair care product and your hair remains soft, healthy and well-groomed.
  • Avocado oil penetrates deep into the hair and can be used as intensive hair care.