INCI: Simmondsia chinensis

Origin: Israel

Smell: Very light, subtle smell

Color: pale yellow / yellow / golden

Natural Oil

Where does that stuff come from?

  • Jojoba grows as an evergreen, richly branched shrub, with a height of up to 4 meters
  • Native to Mexico, California and the Sonora Desert
  • In a natural environment, the shrubs can live up to 200 years.
  • The seeds of the plant contain a liquid that is extracted by cold pressing.
  • Jojoba oil is actually liquid wax

What can this stuff do?

  • Jojoba oil is a must-have for beautiful hair and skin.
  • It is extremely stable to oxidation and therefore the basis for almost all oil mixtures
  • It is perfect for oily, sensitive skin and for combination skin – basically for all skin types
  • The fatty acid composition of jojoba oil is very similar to the naturally formed oil in our skin sebum.
  • This means that the oil penetrates the skin well, is easy to spread and does not leave a greasy film.
  • Ideal moisturizer for skin and hands, care for hair and nails.
  • packed with skin-loving vitamins, nutrients, fatty acids, erucic acid and eicosenoic acid as well as natural vitamin E and phytosterols
  • balances the production of sebum and thus ensures balanced skin in a natural way
  • dry “oil” – has a wonderful, light texture
  • excellent moisturizer.
  • deeply nourishing and yet feels light on the skin.
  • forms a protective barrier on the skin, but still allows the skin to breathe.
  • makes the skin super soft and supple
  • has a balancing effect, does not clog the pores
  • increases the elasticity of the skin
  • provides long-lasting protection against moisture loss.
  • slightly anti-inflammatory
  • Helps against acne
  • Strengthens the connective tissue and prevents wrinkles
  • Jojoba oil is used in many hair products, such as Conditioners, shampoos and hair treatments.
  • The deeply nourishing oil nourishes the hair and makes it super soft and shiny.
  • Jojoba oil has a natural sun protection factor of three to four and is therefore used as a base oil for sun oils.