Make Your own Beard Oil

beard oil? why again?

Contrary to what the name suggests, a beard oil does not only care for your beard. Above all it cares for the skin under your beard hair. It helps against drying out of the skin, itching and last but not least the stench – with the finest scent compositions you can imagine. On top of that it gives the beard hair shine…

Why I use Beard Oil!

With all the pleasure a beautiful beard brings, the mane also brings its problems. As I said, annoying itching, dry, flaky skin, brittle, hardly tameable beard hair. To prevent this from happening, the bearded man swears by beard oil.

This stuff can help with almost all problems that arise when your own facial hedge grows and thrives. Besides a pleasant smell, it gives your beard hair a light shine and also has a caring effect on facial hair and skin.

The increasing growth of beard hair on your face means that the UV light transmission is decreasing. This favors the development of dandruff, fungus formation and other skin irritations.

In addition, the body’s own layer of fat, which usually covers the skin like a protective film, is now more likely to be distributed in the beard hairs. As a result, the skin gradually dries out and dry, itchy scaling can occur.

It simply works

Due to the increasingly dry skin, your beard hair is also deprived of the basis for an optimal supply of moisture and nutrients. Beard oil counteracts all this. An oil film under the beard hairs covers the skin and provides it with sufficient moisture.

The essential oils have an antiseptic effect and thus prevent unpleasant skin irritations and fungal infestation of the skin. In addition, the hair is supplied with valuable ingredients both from the outside and the inside, which provide for more vitality and durability.

On the one hand, the hair follicles absorb moisture and nutrients through the skin. On the other hand, the oil applied directly to the hair also has an external effect on the hair structure and has an extremely nourishing effect.
The noticeably better hair quality that you achieve with the application of beard oil makes your beard styling much easier. The beard is significantly smoother and more malleable, and also looks more powerful and healthier.

Create a beard oil according to your personal needs… here.