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Cacay – The best grooming oil ever! No less than that.

Cacay is in my opinion simply the best grooming oil. It is one of the latest discoveries in natural skin care. There are good reasons why many manufacturers use it in their luxury cosmetics. Cacay is a light oil that you can use very sparingly for optimal results. To clarify it is moisturizing, nourishing, quickly absorbed and is suitable for all skin types – even sensitive skin.

more vitamins than any other

Cacay oil contains about 1 percent natural vitamin A. It easily beats rose hip oil with this numbers. The oil well-known so far as one of the best natural Vitamin A sources – with a three times higher Vitamin A concentration. The all-rounder among the vitamins is responsible for cell growth and supports the moisture supply of the skin. With a good supply of vitamin A, the skin remains taut for longer, the skin texture improves and the complexion becomes more radiant. 

Moreover in Cacay oil is 50 per cent more Vitamin E and twice as much linoleic acid than in Argan oil. Vitamin E is a cell protection vitamin. It holds off effectively free radicals and helps with the cell renewal. The all-purpose weapon linoleic acid helps with acne, psoriasis and hyperpigmentation, against inflammation. It supports the skin in the formation of new cells and thus promotes the natural skin barrier. 

Due to the abundance of vitamins and essential fatty acids, it is no wonder that Cacay oil is considered an anti-aging wonder weapon. The combination of vitamins and fatty acids for all-round healthy skin regeneration.

Good for the skin and good for the environment

Above all Cacay is not just the best grooming oil available – there is more: The Cacay plant comes from the Amazon region, where it is an enrichment for the local population and the environment. It provides the soil with valuable nutrients, offers protection to other plants and provides local farmers with a sustainable income. Nothing is wasted in the production of the oil. The remaining seeds can be used to produce flour or fuel, or they can be added to animal feed. Due to the gentle extraction process, many of the natural properties of Cacay oil are retained. 

Certainly now you want to create your Custom Beard – Shave – Face Oil with Cacay here or learn more in our oil lab.