Natural Oils

can beard oil be used on skin?

We take a look at whether beard oil is good for the skin. The stuff is known to be a good thing for the beard.

For all the joy that a beautiful beard brings, the mane also brings its problems. On the facial hair gnaw the ravages of time, weather conditions and other everyday influences. Inadequate care can lead to unattractive side effects: Annoying itching, dry, flaky skin, brittle, barely tamable beard hair.

A good beard oil, such as ours HERE, is made from high-quality natural ingredients. Mainly natural oils such as jojoba, argan, castor or hemp seed oil are used in the beard oil. The whole thing is refined either with a perfume oil or a combination of essential oils. Best you pay attention to the best none or as little as possible cheaper substitutes and alcohol are used … as is unfortunately the case with most products in the drugstore.

Can the ingredients of a beard oil be too aggressive for my sensitive skin?

Yes and No. Yes, if you mix your own beard oil, you have to be careful: You must not use most essential oils undiluted. They are too aggressive and have skin-irritating properties. Exceptions prove the rule, such as tea tree oil. Therefore, one usually mixes on 30 ml beard oil / natural oils only 1 ml essential oils. So you have a nice scent and certain positive properties but prevent the skin is irritated.

Contrary to many claims, synthetic fragrances / perfume oils are not better or worse than essential oils. The latter cause irritation or allergies just as often as their man-made counterparts. If you’re not sure or have extremely sensitive skin, it’s best to avoid fragrances completely.

Beard oil doesn’t irritate the skin but does it help?

As for the main ingredients of a beard oil, namely the natural oils around jojoba and co. you can be sure that your skin will love them. There are countless skin care and regenerating properties in the oils. Because not only your beard hair benefits from moisture, vitamins and fatty acids but also your skin. When you talk about a beard oil stopping itching or boosting growth, what you’re really talking about here is caring for the skin under your beard. A healthy, not too dry skin is the best basis for a beautiful beard.

So if you make yourself honest, you would actually have to call beard oil & skin oil.

But the question is, as always, what do you value most? Beard growth, beard shine, beard itch ending or do you still have some issues with pimples or too dry skin? Depending on that, one ingredient or another may help you better.

Since the selection of the right combination should not degenerate into a science for you, we have a simple question-answer game in our beard oil laboratory at the end of which we come with the optimal recipe for your needs around the corner.