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Jojoba Oil – the must have oil

Beard Oil with Jojoba – yes, please

Jojoba Oil is simply fantastic. That is why I use it in every one of my oil blends. Whether for a shave oil, beard oil or face oil. It is always there. This has several good reasons:

Jojoba Oil – Period!

1. Jojoba gives an oil mixture the necessary stability. This prolongs the durability and enables skin-physiologically sensible and irritation-free formulas. Jojoba is wonderfully light and yet deeply nourishing. And on top of that it doesn’t even clog your pores.

2. It cares for skin and hair equally. And is also suitable for all skin types. Oily, sensitive, whatever skin … No problem. In addition, jojoba is not for nothing in a lot of hair care products such as shampoos. It makes the hair soft and shiny… who does not want that?

3. Jojoba moisturizes, softens the skin, is quickly absorbed, helps against wrinkles, acne and inflammation, etc pp. On top of that, it even has a natural sun protection factor and therefore serves as a base for many sun oils.

To make a long story short:

Jojoba can simply do everything. Of course there are oils that can do one or the other perhaps better. Which are packed with even more vitamins. The ones that are absorbed even faster. Which help even better with inflammations or anything else. But the total package cannot be topped. Something like the LeBron James among the Natural Oils – never missing in my “starting line up”.

Where does this pointy stuff come from, you might ask yourself: Jojoba grows as an evergreen, richly branched shrub, with a height of up to 4 meters in Mexico and California. The seeds of the plant contain a liquid that is extracted by cold pressing.

Fun Fact: But the coolest thing about my favorite oil is this: It’s not an oil at all – in fact it’s a liquid wax.

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