can beard oil be used on skin?

Natural Oils

We take a look at whether beard oil is good for the skin. The stuff is known to be a good thing for the beard. For all the joy that a beautiful beard brings, the mane also brings its problems. On the facial hair gnaw the ravages of time, weather conditions and other everyday influences.…

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Why you should use argan oil

Natural Ingredients

Argan oil is not for nothing in any crowd of products and is a star of natural cosmetics. Why is that, you ask… I’ll tell you. Argan oil is actually an edible oil extracted from the seed flakes of the ripe berry fruit of the argan tree. The tree is found exclusively in southwestern Morocco.…

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beard oil? why again?

Make Your own Beard Oil

Contrary to what the name suggests, a beard oil does not only care for your beard. Above all it cares for the skin under your beard hair. It helps against drying out of the skin, itching and last but not least the stench – with the finest scent compositions you can imagine. On top of…

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What do you need for a beard oil formula?

Beard Oil Formula

You want to build your own beard oil – shaving oil – facial oil or whatever? But you don’t know what’s needed for a beard oil formula? Nothing is more beautiful than to say goodbye to the mass products of the cosmetics industry. Put together your own care product from ingredients that you need for…

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Beard Oil – Grow Boost Formula

Wellwood Beard Oil

Growing A Beard Beard growth is innate. I have a buddy who had a full beard at 13. I’m halfway through my life and I still don’t have a full beard. That is just the thing with the genes. But you don’t have to give in right away if your beard doesn’t grow like you…

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Shave Oil – Classic Grooming

Classic grooming Shave oil

Shaving oil is not a new invention from the laboratories of men’s cosmetic manufacturers. It is a classic that men of many generations before us have used. Shave oil, also known as Pre Shave Oil, serves as a caring aid for preparing and performing a wet shave. Especially if your skin is a little sensitive.…

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Cacay – The best grooming oil ever! No less than that.

Wellwood Beard Oil

Cacay is in my opinion simply the best grooming oil. It is one of the latest discoveries in natural skin care. There are good reasons why many manufacturers use it in their luxury cosmetics. Cacay is a light oil that you can use very sparingly for optimal results. To clarify it is moisturizing, nourishing, quickly absorbed and is…

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How do I create a personal fragrance with essential oils?


What you need to consider when combining essential oils for your individual scent? Creating your customized scent with essential oils is a simple thing. We’ll show you how it’s done. One thing first: everyone smells differently and everyone smells something different. What you find pleasant, someone else may find unpleasant. This is not just a…

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What is the best beard oil formula?

Make your own beard oil

Well… “What is the best beard oil formula?” – No one can tell. Everyone has different wishes and needs. This is quite obvious when it comes to fragrance. The market offers an infinite number of different variants for every taste. Tobacco, vanilla, musk, sandalwood, lemon… there is nothing that does not exist. But what the…

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Jojoba Oil – the must have oil

Wellwood Beard Oils

Beard Oil with Jojoba – yes, please Jojoba Oil is simply fantastic. That is why I use it in every one of my oil blends. Whether for a shave oil, beard oil or face oil. It is always there. This has several good reasons: Jojoba Oil – Period! 1. Jojoba gives an oil mixture the…

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