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Rosehip for your beard

Wondering why we call Rose Hip – Grooming Superhero? We tell you. So like every superhero, the oil really has a hell of a kick in it.

The oil is pressed from the seeds of rose hips, the small fruit seeds that remain after the flowers have faded. The rosehip seeds do not come from the round rosehip, which many people still remember from childhood as itching powder, but from the small, rather oval rosehip. This small rosehip is often underestimated in its versatile effect.

Rosehip for your beard oil

The oil is also known under the somewhat misleading name of wild rose oil. This quickly leads to confusion with the essential rose oil. In contrast to the red sea buckthorn oil (pulp oil), rosehip oil is light orange to yellow, as it is an oil extracted from the seeds.

Rosehip oil is an excellent moisturizing oil. It is suitable for all skin types. For many people, rosehip oil is the remedy of choice for stressed skin because of its many nutrients. It is packed with skin-loving essential fatty acids such as linolenic acid (omega-3) and linoleic acid (omega-6). It contains vitamins E and D and beta-carotene – antioxidants that fight free radicals, making wild rose oil the perfect oil for mature skin. Wild rose oil is very light and is considered a ‘dry’ oil; meaning it absorbs quickly into skin and leaves no residue.

Rosehip oil for the skin

The oil relieves itching, revitalizes and tones the skin, and also helps heal scars. The oil’s reputation as an anti-aging remedy precedes it, although of course it is not a miracle cure. Wild rose oil supports skin regeneration like no other oil and is ideal for treating dry, flaky skin, pigmentation spots and scars. Transretinoic acid has a strong healing and regenerating effect, promotes collagen production within the connective tissue and thus maintains the skin’s ability to retain moisture. 

Wild rose oil stimulates cell renewal and is considered an excellent and highly compatible facial oil for dry, mature, but also inflamed skin. In combination with evening primrose oil and its content of gamma-linolenic acid (about 9%), it makes an excellent combination.

Rosehip for the beard

Does your beard have dry, brittle, lackluster and brittle hair? Then you can rejoice, because rosehip is happy to help here, too. Rosehip oil is a real asset to any beard oil formula because of the ingredients.Do you know the nasty beard itch?  The things is done with rosehip oil. Promise!

Well, fancy a beard oil with Rose Hip – Grooming Superhero? Here you go, build your own beard oil with rosehip online.