Classic grooming Shave oil

Shave Oil – Classic Grooming

Shaving oil is not a new invention from the laboratories of men’s cosmetic manufacturers. It is a classic that men of many generations before us have used.

Shave oil, also known as Pre Shave Oil, serves as a caring aid for preparing and performing a wet shave. Especially if your skin is a little sensitive. Are you prone to razor burn or cuts, ingrown hairs or other nasty skin irritations like pimples and blackheads? Then you should definitely use shaving oil.

Why you should use Shaving Oil

Especially the excellent care properties, the ease of use, the avoidance of skin irritation and the fact that it mostly consists of purely natural ingredients make shaving oil more than an alternative to shaving soap, foam and co.

Especially after beard washing, shaving oil is applied to the beard hairs and straightens them up without causing the skin to swell. A more thorough and less stressful shave is the result and the caring active ingredients strengthen the skin even before shaving.

The blade literally glides over your skin like on a film. This is due to the special consistency of the contained oils, which create a protective and lubricating film on your skin.

The razor blade lies closer to the skin and it can grip the hair much deeper. It pulls it up gently, so that the blade above it can grasp the beard hair perfectly.

Another advantage is the transparent texture of the oils. So you can see exactly where you have to start, especially when shaving the contours. In my opinion the ultimate argument and a huge advantage over the foam alternatives.

Ingredients of the classic grooming shave oil

What kind of oils are in it? The gliding property of the oil is of central importance. The higher the oil is, the smoother the razor blade can glide over the skin:

  • Jojoba oil is the classic of all. The oil moisturizes and softens the whiskers. So the individual hairs can be removed more easily.
  • Avocado oil supports the skin with its regenerating properties, retains skin moisture and creates a well-cared for, smooth skin feeling.
  • Argan oil protects the skin from drying out and makes the skin soft, smooth and supple.
  • Almond oil is very well tolerated, non-irritating and is extremely effective in greasing the skin.
  • But also castor oil is often used, as it is characterized by good gliding properties.

Create your own classic grooming shave oil right here or learn even more in our oil lab.