Avocado Oil – Or: The End of Dry Skin

Finest Natural Oils

Yammi, not only as a dip, on pizza, in salads… actually everywhere. But you can find such recipes elsewhere. Here it is about something else: Because the avocado can also convince as a nourishing oil. Especially suitable for dry skin – like mine…. Avocado: What is it again? The avocado is a plant species from…

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Castor Oil – All Purpose Weapon

Castor Oil

Castor oil is a real all-rounder among natural oils. It not only cares for skin and beard hair, it is also the number one when it comes to shaving. Castor oil who? The somewhat viscous, honey-like, light yellow oil has a very mild but characteristic odor. Castor oil is extracted from the seeds of the…

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The 4 in 1 Oil for Men

Oil Formula - face care for men

What is the best face care for men? Guys, let’s face it. We all want to look as good as we can, but don’t want to spend hours loitering in the bathroom with countless creams, lotions, etc pp sitting around. We like it simple, quick but effective! So what could be better than the all…

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Why you should use argan oil

Natural Ingredients

Argan oil is not for nothing in any crowd of products and is a star of natural cosmetics. Why is that, you ask… I’ll tell you. Argan oil is actually an edible oil extracted from the seed flakes of the ripe berry fruit of the argan tree. The tree is found exclusively in southwestern Morocco.…

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Shave Oil – Classic Grooming

Classic grooming Shave oil

Shaving oil is not a new invention from the laboratories of men’s cosmetic manufacturers. It is a classic that men of many generations before us have used. Shave oil, also known as Pre Shave Oil, serves as a caring aid for preparing and performing a wet shave. Especially if your skin is a little sensitive.…

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