Oil Formula - face care for men

The 4 in 1 Oil for Men

What is the best face care for men?

Guys, let’s face it. We all want to look as good as we can, but don’t want to spend hours loitering in the bathroom with countless creams, lotions, etc pp sitting around. We like it simple, quick but effective! So what could be better than the all in one solution? Exactly, nothing! A product for a nice soft beard, for a classic shave, against dry skin and for a boost in beard growth – an all-round face care for men. No one needs more!

Here I show you a recipe for a beard oil, shaving oil, face oil and beard growth oil – all in one. But it gets even better. I’m not just showing you one recipe. I’m showing you three at once: a simple one with 2 ingredients, a moderate one with 4 ingredients, and a complex one with 6 different natural oils.

Simple All in 1 Formula:

  • Jojoba 4.0 ml
  • Argan 6.0 ml

Jojoba is always on board with me. Why you can read here. Almond is a classic and a good all-round oil. You could also replace argan just as well with castor, the two oils deliver a head-to-head race in my opinion.

Moderate All in 1 Formula:

Here we supplement the simple formula with argan. We add almond and cacay. Cacay – Probably the very best oil you can find on our beautiful earth. A good alternative to the very expensive and sometimes hard to get Cacay, is the rosehip. The oil also has damn good statistics. The respective proportions of the oils must be adjusted – obviously.

  • Jojoba 4.0 ml
  • Almond 3.0 ml
  • Argan 2.5 ml
  • Cacay 0.5 ml

Complex All in 1 Formula:

To get to the complex formula for a 4in1 Oil for Men, we add grape and borage oil to the moderate formula. Why grape seed and not wheat germ oil? Well, again, a close call. Ultimately, because grape seed oil is absorbed into the skin faster and more easily. If you don’t have borage oil, you can almost as good use evening primrose oil. Both are fantastic oils, and you only need to add very little of them to the formula.

  • Jojoba 3.0 ml
  • Almond 3.0 ml
  • Argan 2.0 ml
  • Grape Seed 1.0 ml
  • Cacay 0.5 ml
  • Borage 0.5 ml

All recipes can be completed with a ready fragrance, also called perfume oil, or you can create your own fragrance from a combination of essential oils. How this works and what you have to consider, you will learn here. If you have very sensitive skin, it’s best to avoid fragrance and keep it natural. With this, the search for the optimal face care for men should be at the end.