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Vitamin E naturally

Natural vitamin E for your beard

Again and again and more often you see vitamin E in beard care products. But why actually and is there a natural alternative to the cheap synthetic substances? I will be happy to help you.

Why vitamin E in beard oil is so good

Your beard hair will benefit immensely from vitamin E. It not only brings moisture into the hair. It also gives a wonderful shine. On top of that, it helps against frizz – that is, curly, hardly tameable, wild beard hair. A beautiful beard is basically guaranteed.

In addition to caring for your beard hair: Your skin loves vitamin E oil, too.

Vitamin E also improves the condition of your skin. It moisturizes and nourishes your skin. Our naturally extracted vitamin E oil has a tocopherol content of 0.25%. The high content of tocopherol allows this wonderful oil to penetrate deep into your skin. However, it is slow to absorb into the skin. Thus, it has a haptic effect significantly more refatting and rich than, for example, avocado oil. The circulation-enhancing effect of the vitamin E oil causes a better supply of the skin capillaries. In addition, it promotes the metabolism and makes sallow skin look alive again.

Vitamin E is fine but please natural and not synthetic

Natural vitamin E is more easily absorbed into the skin and is better for you than the synthetically produced version. Our vitamin E is derived from plants that are naturally rich in d-alpha-tocopherol: Wheat – Who doesn’t know it? Wheat is one of the oldest cultivated plants in human history and is second only to corn in the order of most widely grown grains, followed by rice. Wheat originally came from Persia, but the grain is now at home on every continent.

A beard oil formula with vitamin E oil

Everything fine and good but how does a beard oil formula with vitamin E look like? I will gladly tell you. A moisturizing beard oil with vitamin E oil, which also boosts your beard growth I would put together so (30ml):

  • Jojoba 10.5 ml
  • Almond 9.0 ml
  • Argan 6.0 ml
  • Natural vitamin E / Wheat Germ oil 3.0 ml
  • Rosehip 1.5 ml

Add a cool perfume oil, like our “Sailor” and you have a fantastic beard oil. You can put together this formula at home or online directly from us HERE.