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What is the future of men’s grooming?

The solution is individual care!

Our goal was to develop the best beard oil in the world. But why actually there are plenty of them. Yes, that’s right, there are lots of beard oils to buy these days: Starting at 2 € in the drugstore up to 40 € and even more for products from noble fashion labels.

But what actually makes a good beard oil?

Sure, the scent must fit and that to your own taste and perhaps the taste of your loved ones. There is probably the right offer for every taste. Here there are good things for little money and just as the other way around …

A great scent does not make a good beard oil!

But then, what must be in it, what must not be in it under any circumstances? One thing is clear, the ingredients are crucial.A nice packaging is well and good but what I get out of there and smear me in the middle of the face and the beautiful beard, that should be something good and not a cheap chemical mix!

Organic is the key.

Organic works, not only for food. It’s at least as true, if not more so, for skin care products. There are countless natural oils that people around the world have known how to use for quite some time. Argan oil, for example, has always been used in Morocco for skin and hair care. It can only be wise to preserve and use the old knowledge instead of relying on new (cheap) chemicals.

Just as a natural organic nutrition is healthier than a nutrition based on the latest inventions of the laboratories of multinational corporations. This is proven. The same thing that applies to what you put in yourself applies analogously to what you put on your body. That is why we use only the best natural oils and no cheap substitutes.

Individual care

But that brings us to the next point. High quality natural oils all well and good – but which ones? Just the ones you need and no others, plain and simple. Everyone wants what suits their needs. After all, I don’t drink tea when I feel like drinking beer.

And this is exactly the point. We order our pizza individually according to our taste, we have our clothes made exactly to measure by a tailor, we build furniture that fits exactly into the niche in our living room, we give ourselves individually wherever possible. And that’s supposed to stop with your face? Can’t be right somehow.

So we don’t say do-or-die, we want to know from you what you need and for what. Only then do we make a suggestion as to what is right for you. We turn men’s grooming back to the roots… to individually groomed. Someone with dry skin and an itchy beard needs something completely different than someone with acne and poor beard growth. There can be no one for all if it is to work optimally. We are all – fortunately – much too different for that.

And that’s why we have the best beard oil in the world – because it is only for you personally: Individual care.