“I have the simplest of tastes. I am always satisfied with the best.“
Oscar Wilde

Ahhh, beard oil. The wondrous, rich, gentlemanly oil that satiates your face follicles with each application. Unfortunately, that’s not how most consumers think of it. They think of the nonsense, mass-marketed, “put a fancy label on any bottle of generic stuff” product that is more hype than help.

Starting in 2006, companies realized they could make big money with little effort (and less quality) as long as they marketed it correctly. It’s like putting lipstick on a pig. Not only does it not look good, that pig is even smart enough to know the beard oil these companies were peddling belonged in a sty.

But 2006. What a year. Beard oil flooded the market and boy did things get...saturated. All of a sudden beard oil was a cookie-cutter product that was neither as fun or as interesting as cookies - let alone staying true to the actual history of one of man’s most important innovations. Don’t get me wrong, beard oil is amazing - when it’s done the way it was meant to be.

Let’s go swimming in the history of oil shall we. OK - that sounded better in my head. We’re not going to actually swim in oil...but...well, let’s just get on with it. Prior to 2006 men's grooming products were not really something you went into to make loads of money. The cosmetics industry was a fucking snooze, knowing that they will always have women to sell their overpriced new miracle creams too and for men this was just simply as boring as dry toast.

But then times changed. That was until a New York Times article in 2014.

Who stated ‘’ Beards have shed their underground connotations and are sported by Wall street Titans, professional sports golden boys, US weekly cover boys and more show TV hosts’’ (DR Weil) Like skin cares ‘’metrosexual movement'' of the 90s, the ‘’ lumbersexuals’’ of the world today know that to have a beard, one has got to take care of it; and beard oil is exactly what they need to do so.

You may not be aware of this article and to be honest neither did we until recently whilst writing this but let me tell you it changed men's grooming world more than you know. Also, shout out to the term “lumbersexuals.” Because then came the even bigger money, the American Dream was on the slippery trail of beard oil.

„That’s why they call it the American Dream, because you have to be asleep to believe in.“
George Carlin

The Money came raining down and everyone wanted to get in on the action. Barbers became celebrities and exploded on all the social networks. Tight fades. Beards and a pair of tiny silver scissors = instant celebrity.

In every drugstore you can get a selection of different beard oils. We don't even need to start with the offers on Amazon. Everyone wanted a piece of the oil pie. Even John and Sue and Rita and Bob too could easily create a logo and stick it on an off the shelf product and start selling beard oil. Guys, I’m not going lie, even we got in on the action with white label products. We learned quickly this was a bad idea. Maybe even worse than putting lipstick on a pig. This was like a tuxedo on a pig...with no pants.


Willy Wellwood