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Pick a Name for Your Oil:
How much do you want?
10 ml (+£0.00)
30 ml (+£5.00)
50 ml (+£10.00)
Choose 1 to extend the shelf life and enable a sensitive formula.
Jojoba (+£1.00)
Olive Squalane (+£1.00)
Marula (+£1.00)
Choose 1 to 6 from these protective and moisturizing ones
Almond (+£1.00)
Apricot Kernel (+£1.00)
Argan (+£1.00)
Avocado (+£1.00)
Baobab (+£1.00)
Castor (+£1.00)
Grape Seed (+£1.00)
Macadamia (+£1.00)
Safflower (+£1.00)
Sesame (+£1.00)
Sunflower (+£1.00)
Wheat Germ (+£1.00)
intensively regenerating and activating
Borage (+£1.00)
Cacay (+£2.00)
Evening Primrose (+£1.00)
Hemp Seed (+£1.00)
Pomegranate (+£1.50)
Rose Hip (+£1.50)
First thing you notice is these fresh fragrances, but they evaporate quickly.
Bergamot (+£1.00)
Citrus (+£1.00)
Lime (+£1.00)
Orange (+£1.00)
Peppermint (+£1.00)
Rosemary (+£1.00)
Mostly floral, soft notes stick and linger longer
Black Pepper (+£1.00)
Clove (+£1.00)
Lavender (+£1.00)
Palmarosa (+£1.00)
Tea Tree (+£1.00)
Heavy fragrances adhere and stay the longest.
Cedar (+£1.00)
Patchouli (+£1.00)
Rosewood (+£1.00)
Sandalwood (+£1.00)
Vanilla (perfume) (+£1.00)
Musk (perfume) (+£1.00)
Perfumes with a wide - all round range of scents.
Billionaire (perfume) (+£1.00)
Leather (perfume) (+£1.00)
Sailor (perfume) (+£1.00)
Tobacco (perfume) (+£1.00)
Vanilla Cognac (perfume) (+£1.00)
Whiskey (perfume) (+£1.00)
Woodruff (perfume) (+£1.00)
Woodsmoke (perfume) (+£1.00)
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Create your custom oil formula in our Oil Lab by Wellwood London.

Choose from the best natural oils available for your custom oil. Create your own fragrance with our wide range of essential oils and perfume oils. Your oil will be handmade only for you.

Just one thing before you create your custom oil:
We group the different oils to facilitate their combination for a formula. The grouping is based on the specific impacts: e.g. protective, nourishing, regenerating etc. pp. Our goal is a wide range of effects to create an all-round solution. Your skin and beard will thank you every day for creating a custom oil.

We recommend jojoba oil – it is the ultimate grooming superhero. Then add for example argan oil. That is extremely moisturizing and nourishing. Maybe almond oil? It cares for the skin and makes it look radiant and healthy. Grape seed oil is often used in naturopathy to relieve inflammatory processes. Refine your formula with cacay or rose hip – these are often used in luxury cosmetics.

Your formula would be working already, but you can also create your custom scent from our range of essential oils. Take a look into our fragrance guide here or combine what ever comes to your mind – we won’t forbid you anything.

Or you can add one of the perfume oils – they are ready to go scents.

If you have a sensitive skin, we advice to stay away from essential and perfume oils. They may irritate your skin.

Not sure what you are doing here? … take a look into our Guide.

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