simply the best beard oil

Wellwood Beard Oil is a result of our unique formulation process. Our proven recipe includes …

Natural Oil

Jojoba oil is a must-have for beautiful hair and skin. It’s packed with skin-loving vitamins, nutrients, fatty acids, erucic acid and eicosenoic acid as well as natural vitamin E and phytosterols.

Natural Oil

Almond oil is an excellent moisturizer. It cares for the skin and makes it look radiant and healthy. Suitable for most skin types, especially for normal, dry and sensitive skin. Makes your skin soft and supple.

Natural Oil

Argan oil is known for its regenerative effects. So your skin and beard feel invigorated, well-groomed and soft and smooth. Argan oil gets its regenerating effect due to its content of essential fatty acids and vitamins.

Natural Oil

Grape Seed is a light oil that is well absorbed into skin and beard. It is suitable for all skin types. Grape seed oil is often used as the basis for various skin care products due to its super-light texture and natural properties.

Natural Oil

Hemp Seed is a wonderful, quickly absorbed oil. Perfect for skin and beard care. Hemp seed oil promotes cell formation, strengthens resistance. And it counteracts inflammatory processes.

Comes with a fragrance for the self-confident man – cool, fresh, masculine with a “oceanic” note.

  • made only with natural ingredients
  • revitalizes your skin
  • softens your beard
  • cool, fresh, masculine

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