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A Brief History of Beard Oil

Beard oil, once a luxurious elixir, is now often obscured by misconceptions. Behind the glossy packaging, there is often more show than substance. In the last two decades, the beard oil market has experienced a tremendous boom. The abundance of options has saturated the market and diluted the true significance behind this product. Please don't misunderstand me, the potential of beard oil is truly remarkable – but only when it is meticulously crafted as intended. In stores and online, you'll see a variety of beard oils all vying for attention. Many promise much with stylish labels, but often lack in quality. It's like expecting a gourmet meal and being served bland food.

Here's a candid confession, gentlemen – we too succumbed to the allure of white label products. It seemed enticing to jump into the frenzy. Yet, this brief dalliance with such a path soon revealed itself to be ill-fated. We swiftly grasped the misstep and adjusted our course, realizing that true excellence cannot be encapsulated by such shortcuts. So we went back to the beginning. The actual history of beard oil.

5000 years ago in ancient India, someone with a white beard was considered wise. The ancient Greeks associated a beard with masculinity. The Persians also grew long and wild beards. The men of Rome were for a long time not friends of shaving and with their Germanic neighbors a man shaved for the first time when he killed an enemy. Thank goodness that tradition faded. Already the Egyptians dyed their beard and decorated it with gold... nice.

So, yeah - beardmania was pretty much running wild for hundreds of years.

But how does one care for such an important fashion statement?

The first men who demonstrably came into the enjoyment of beard oil, were guys from today's Iraq. In Mesopotamia, a few thousand years ago, great importance was attached to the care of facial hair. Those Babylonians rubbed their beard with oil at that time. More precisely, sesame oil. Today it is assumed that the oil served as protection against dirt and vermin, especially lice, again...nice. Where does this thousand-year-old path lead us?

At Wellwood, we've embarked on a mission to craft the ultimate beard oil experience.

How, you ask? Well, naturally, we employ only the finest ingredients. Natural ingredients, without the addition of cheap chemicals - unlike what the big corporations do to maximize their profits. There are some oils out there that are really quite okay-ish. But look at what ingredients are floating in some of them. Don't even get me started on the fragrances that are offered there. What applies to cars, clothing and nutrition, etc., also applies to beard oil - quality just has its price.

We respect the purpose, benefits and history of beard oil.

Organic and sustainability are not just buzzwords for us, but non-negotiable principles. We use only the best natural oils available: Such as Cacay, Pomegranate, Argan and Jojoba... just to list a few.

The realm of genuine craftsmanship doesn't culminate upon the selection of premium materials; it is there that the odyssey unfolds. It is the masterful interweaving that births the symphony of harmonious enhancements. When the masterpiece outshines its components. This, my friends, sets us apart. While it's true that certain rivals employ quality oils without a doubt, when it comes to crafting a masterpiece, we reside in a unique echelon. We possess a particular affection for intricacies, skillfully melding the oils in harmony with their distinct attributes and qualities, unaffected by mere cost considerations.

Let's not fool ourselves, the choice to invest in beard oil (or any other cosmetic elixir) is often guided by the enchantment of its aroma. A magnificent product with an uninspiring fragrance simply doesn't align. Hence, our enthusiasm knows no bounds when it comes to unearthing the world's most exquisite scents. It's an unwavering quest, constantly pondering: Does this exude a scent befitting a true gentleman? Solely the most exquisite aromas make it onto our shortlist. And what we commit to bottling carries our unequivocal seal of assurance, promising an extraordinary fragrance that will not only capture your focus but also captivate those around you.

Styles may shift like tides, yet the age of men seeking to present themselves with grace and inner contentment is an everlasting voyage.

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