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  • 85g Shampoo Bar 
  • Soap Free, Palm Free & Vegan
  • Made With Upcycled Charcoal
  • Natural Fragrance 
  • For Improved Scalp Health & Cleansing 
  • For A Soft Silky Finish


    Embrace sustainability with our all-natural Shampoo Bar, bidding farewell to plastic bottles.

    Tailored for normal, oily, or thick hair, it lathers richly while gently preserving natural oils. Enriched with Coconut Oil, Cocoa Butter, Macadamia Oil, upcycled Charcoal, Rosemary, Mint and Coffea Arabica Seed oil for added benefits.

    The paraben-free formula produces a rich lather, effortlessly tackling dirt, sweat, and styling products. This unique blend guarantees softness, shine, and purity, elevating your grooming game.

    Experience eco-friendly luxury, crafted for a lustrous finish.

    How To Use

    • Wet your hair and wet the bar
    • Apply directly to wet hair and massage into a lather
    • Rinse thoroughly
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    At the core is Sodium Cocoyl Isethionate, derived from coconut oil, crafting a luxurious foam for a thorough yet gentle cleanse. It maintains a vital moisture balance, ensuring your hair and scalp stay refreshed. Coconut Oil steps in as a champion, supplying nourishing fatty acids that dive deep into your hair, combating frizz and enhancing its natural shine. Its antimicrobial properties also shield your scalp from issues like dandruff.

    • Wellwood London

      Enter Sodium Coco-Sulfate, another coconut derivative, contributing to a harmonious cleansing symphony. This ingredient adeptly dissolves grime and oil, leaving your hair clean without stripping away essential oils. Cocoa Butter joins the mix, bringing moisturizing wonders that boost hair elasticity and act as a protective shield against breakage. This shield wraps around each strand, offering defense against environmental challenges.

    • Wellwood London

      Macadamia Oil, with its deep penetration and monounsaturated fatty acids, takes center stage, providing nourishment that tames frizz and adds a brilliant shine, fostering holistic hair health. Yucca Extract, a nature's gift, gently purifies the scalp, creating an environment conducive to hair growth.

    • Wellwood London

      Coffee surprises as an unexpected ally, invigorating scalp circulation and potentially stimulating hair growth, thanks to caffeine's resilience against hair loss. Rosemary Essential Oil plays a key role in stimulating growth and harmonizing the scalp, while Peppermint Essential Oil's cooling touch soothes the scalp and bolsters circulation.

    The inclusion of Charcoal Powder adds a detoxifying element, effectively removing buildup and igniting a process of rejuvenation. Together, these meticulously selected ingredients come together to create a symphony of comprehensive care, ensuring your hair receives the nourishment and attention it deserves.

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    this shampoo bar rocks with first class cleansing and an amazing scent